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Operation Pennywise

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Case Study: Operation pennywise

From October 2021 to December 2021, Operation Drip ran its pilot program on 'basic digital fluency and personal finance' for over 180 students of the SMBB School in Batam, Indonesia. SMBB is a nonprofit school that supports students from low socio-economic backgrounds and equips them with the right knowledge and tools to be successful in life. 

The program was the first of its kind for this school - with students learning to make digital flyers and brochures on Canva, learning how to enter and edit data on Google Sheets and understanding the freelancing culture of the gig-economy today. Here is a video testimony from the school. 

The objective of the program was to ingrain students with skills they can build on and understand the opportunities in the market so they can start gaining experience and building their portfolios. 

At the end of the program, we had over 180 respondents for our feedback forms. This was the result.


On a scale of 1-10, how much did you enjoy the program?


On a scale of 1-10, how knowledgeable was the teacher?


On a scale of 1-10, did you feel like you learned new skills in this program?


Would recommend this program to a friend or family member?


Would want more programs like this in the future from OperationDrip

This experience was exhilarating to all our volunteers and this has been our proof of concept. We are actively looking to work with more schools and organizations around the world. Please contact OperationDrip if you would like to help connect us to organizations who would benefit from a program like this. 

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Case Study 2: Operation Pay It Forward

In September 2021, Operation Drip donated 5 computers to the SMBB school in Batam. The computers donated were for the students to do the Ujian Nasional or the national exams in Indonesia as the pandemic has forced them to only do it on computers. This operation is an ongoing one and we are actively collecting funds to donate where needed and potentially working with organizations who would benefit from said donations. Please visit our "donate now" page if you would like to donate to Operation Drip.

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Case Study 3: Operation Green

On May 28th, 2022, Operation Drip conducted a tree-planting initiative in the Petung Kriyano forest in the mountains of the Pekalongan Regency - a small city outside Semarang, Indonesia. Operation Drip planted 1,000 trees total and there were around 50 volunteers at the site to oversee and help with the tree planting. Operation Drip partnered with Perhutani - a state-owned enterprise that seeks to protect and manage the state forests in Java, Indonesia - to get approval and their help to plant the trees. This initiative was attended by MUSPIKA, or the district leadership conference, which included the head of sector police, commander of the sector military command, the village chief, and forest inspectors from Perhutani. Operation Drip was given a certificate of appreciation and recognition for having planted the trees and officially making the initiative Perhutani approved.





Types of trees 





26,000 Kg

Of Carbon (CO2) footprint was


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