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3 Environmental benefits of trees

Trees are an important part of nature and they benefit our environment greatly. Let's explore the various environmental benefits of planting trees!

1. Trees create healthier soil and act as a natural humidity control

Trees help to regulate the water cycle as rain is absorbed by the soil from trees and other plants before transpiring back into our atmosphere. In doing so, trees help to maintain and control the levels of humidity in our air to a state of equilibrium. Moreover, trees benefit the quality of soil as well by enriching and making our soil healthier. By planting more trees, we are allowing noxious substances and carbon to be removed from the soil naturally by trees, proving beneficial to not only new trees but also plants and crops. The roots of these trees also pull deep minerals hidden in the earth to the surface. The foliage of trees, the leafy parts, decompose and add more nutrition to the soil, effectively purifying the soil we constantly use for agriculture and biodiversity.

2. Trees protect the inland soils and fields from natural disasters

The sheer size of trees and its extensive roots that stretches deep into the ground prevents them from being uprooted easily. Knowing this, they act as natural barriers for coastal cities or inland water areas. They protect the rich and fertile soil of countries from harsh winds and floods. Think of them as natural walls that block most things from coming or passing through them. For example, Mangrove trees have been studied immensely and are found to protect inland areas from tsunamis and other water-based natural disasters. Consequently, trees have been proven to protect endangered coastlines.

3. Trees promote urban biodiversity and creates natural habitats for endangered animal species

By the turn of the 21st century, multinational corporations have decimated tree populations around the world, ousting endangered animal species from their natural habitats. This act is known as deforestation and is performed at an alarming rate. Consequently, many endangered and keystone species experience devastating habitat loss constantly, resulting in some at the brink of extinction. By planting more trees, we are creating more natural habitats for these animals as every animal depends on trees and by creating vital habitats for land-based animals, we can promote population growth for endangered species.

The aforementioned points show that Operation Green is imperative to our environment. Please visit our website to understand how you can support Operation Green on our tree planting mission.

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